Tulipanes Clinic

Tess Unlimited has plans to build its own hospital and finish this in the year of 2021.

Tess Unlimited is currently facing a number of problems that hinder us from progressing to a solid and sustainable organisation.

  • Due to greater awareness of our activities, we currently have a growing waiting list of patients (+/- 500 patients). At this sustained pace, we will be putting more and more patients on the waiting list in the current system.
  • There is insufficient availability at local hospitals and the standards of hygiene and quality are below acceptable criteria. In addition, the costs of access to these hospital facilities are considerably high.
  • For our medical missions, there are few hospital facilities available, requiring us to use facilities in more remote areas where there are insufficient housing options for the entire medical staff. This is very complicated logistics. Not only housing, but also coordinating the transport of patients and staff is very problematic.
  • In Guatemala, there are no public facilities dedicated to cleft lip and palate (only expensive private clinics) and there is a huge lack of local qualified cleft surgeons (There are 4 local surgeons in Guatemala who can perform cleft surgery, but unfortunately do not want to work with Tess Unlimited, because they are either asking way too high prices or not qualified enough and not open to be trained unfortunately).

Our goals:

  • Building and running an independent hospital dedicated to cleft palate patients.
  • Providing free cleft surgery to a minimum of 400 Guatemalan patients per year.
  • Organizing and facilitating a minimum of 12 medical missions per year (each operation week lasts 2 weeks including pre- and postoperative care).
  • Educating and training local surgeons to perform cleft surgery, so that they can perform the operations in the clinic in the future and we are no longer dependent on foreign teams.
  • Providing dental care to our patients all year round (in the weeks when there is no surgery week, we want to offer dental care by local dentists).
  • Maintaining and maintaining a consistently high level of care.

If you would like more information about our plans, please send an email to tessa@tessunlimited.com