Project Description


Twice a year our team travels long distances throughout Guatemala visiting a minimum of five municipalities to meet children born with cleft lip and/or palate. For up to a week, we spend one to two days in a town evaluating and following up with children who have previously received surgeries from our team. This process plays an integral part of ensuring that all the children who have been registered through Tess Unlimited continue to be carefully monitored so that we can provide the most comprehensive before and aftercare.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Unfortunately, given the virus, we had to cancel the evaluation week in June 2020. Due to the strict rules of the government, it was not possible to travel outside our province and it was also not wise to bring large groups of people together. We do our best to stay informed about how our patients are doing through online media and will thus continue to provide good pre- and aftercare for our children. It is not yet clear if the end of the year evaluation in November/December can continue. This depends on how the virus develops in Guatemala. For more current information about COVID-19 and Tess Unlimited, please visit our Facebookpage or sign up for our newsletter (on the bottom of the homepage).