Psychological guidance

Emotional health and well-being are paramount in leading a productive and meaningful life in our society. An important part of our aftercare is therefore offering psychological care to both children and parents.

We have a local psychologist working for us once a week at our office in San Gaspar. She helps our patients with their low self-esteem through individual and group therapy sessions. During these sessions, we build lasting relationships that are geared towards cultivating positive attitudes and helping children and parents become more accepting, confident and resilient in their unique journey. We offer hope that children born with cleft lip and palate can have bright futures.

Our psychologist is also present during surgery missions to guide the parents. This is especially important to the moms. For them, emotions often run high during a surgery mission. They are often accused by their family and neighbors of begin of influence on the birth of a baby with cleft lip and/or palate. For example, because they cheated on their husband or looked into the eclipse. Something that is of course not true, but believed in due to the lack of knowledge in remote and poor areas.

For $450 a month our psychologist helps around 10-15 young adults every week and accompanies around 40 families during each surgery mission.