Milk project

The milk project is an essential part of our organization. In most cases we find children who were recently born with cleft lip and palate A lot of these children suffer from malnutrition.In addition to being unable to drink at the breast, parents in poor areas are often unable to pay for bottle feeding. Because these children are not at the right weight, they have no chance of surgery. The milk project breaks this vicious circle. We do this by providing milk, vitamins and medicines. We also give every baby a special Haberman drinking bottle and explain to parents how they can best use it.When the mothers have enough breast milk, we offer a breast pump instead of powdered milk. We always try to promote breastfeeding first and guide the mothers in this. In 2021 we were therefore able to help more than 30 mothers with a breast pump and special bottle.

The reality and impact of our milk project goes further than preparing children for surgery. In a large number of cases, the inclusion of a child in the project not only opens the door to surgery, but the milk also saves the child's life.

The milk project prepares an average of 300 children per year for their operation. Because these children must first reach the correct weight, they are on average 3 months in the milk project before they receive their surgery. After the operation it is important that they can rehabilitate well and not lose weight immediately. Most children are therefore provided with milk powder for another 2 months. The costs for this are €53,40 per kind per maandof which $19 goes to the purchase of a special drinking bottle.