Project Description


Due to the shortage and limitations of having access to medical specialist who are experienced in perfoming reparative surgeries here in Guatemala, we have only affiliated with renowned surgeons from abroad who specialize in cleft lip and palate repair. Over the years we have fostered amazing relationships with caring and passionate medical teams whose standards of providing quality services was their utmost standard level of care.

At least 10 times a year, Tess Unlimited organizes surgical missions in Guatemala. During this intensive week we reap the benefits of our promotion and milk project. We arrange transport for patients and their parents from all areas in Guatemala. They stay close to the hospital for the entire week, where we provide before and aftercare. In case of an emergency, doctors are always there to intervene. This way, Tess Unlimited is able to help around 350 children each year in a safe and cost-effective way with a free surgery on their cleft lip and/or palate. An impactful event for both the child and the parents, who get a new chance for a bright future.

Since its foundation in 2008, Tess Unlimited has helped no less than 2.264 children born with cleft. After the first surgery in which the lip is closed, a second surgery for closing the palate follows if necessary. The costs per surgery are $450 per child.